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2024 Athlete Application

Please clearly mark each event you want to participate in.
Non - Sporting Events

*PLEASE NOTE: If competing in this year’s seal skinning contest, the top three (3) winners from the previous year’s seal skinning contest will have priority.


**Blanket toss preliminaries are limited to ten (10) contestants EACH for men & women, selected by draw. If competing this year, each of the top three winners from the previous year’s blanket toss finals will have priority.

Applicant or Parent’s signature (if under 18)

*PLEASE NOTE: If completing application online, it is mandatory that you submit your payment online. 

An error occurred. Please review your application and try again, or contact WEIO for help!

Your application was successfully submitted! Now please proceed to payment and complete your application!


Participants must qualify based on the bylaws of the WEIO. You must be at least 1/16 Alaska Native, Native American, US Pacific Islander, Canadian Indian and/or Eskimo, or of any Indian tribes of the Americas or indigenous to Greenland or Siberia to be eligible to participate. Evidence of your eligibility may be asked of you by proof of any the following:

❖ BIA CDIB/CIB/Tribal Enrollment Card,
❖ Regional/Village Shareholder Identification Card, or
❖ Canadian Indian Status Card
❖ Other

If this is your first time competing at WEIO, you must provide proof of eligibility, by providing one of the above.

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